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KGS & MVC parternship

LE Kindergarten : Newsletter 1-Back to school 2016-2017

Le Kindergarten :Para-activities timetable
Middle School : School supplies and textbooks 2016-2017


7th Grade 8th Grade 9th Grade

Classes with


Primary : School supplies and textbooks 2016-2017


school supplies & notebooks 



All classes








Welcome to Khalil Gibran School 2016-2017 school year!  We are looking forward to a productive partnership with you to ensure our children can achieve their highest potential!

Below is some basic information about the first day of school that you and your child will need in order to have a successful day and experience.

  •  First Day of school dates and times:

-Preschool/Le Kindergarten: Monday, September 5th, 2016    8:00 a.m.  to 15:30

-Primary: Thursday, September 8th, 2016   8:00 a.m. to 15:50 (1st ,2nd ,3rd grade) or 16:30 (4th ,5th ,6th grades)

-Middle and High school: Monday, September 19th, 2016 8:00 a.m. to 16:30

  •  What you will need on the first day:

1 Notebook and 1 Pen to take notes

  •  Books Distribution:

For the English textbooks, please see Mrs. Mamri in the finance office.  Once they are paid for, the books will be distributed in class to your child.

  •  P.E. Uniforms:

We would like to inform you that the P.E Kits will be available after October 1st as we are waiting on the manufacturer to complete the order.  Until then, please be sure that your child is dressed in appropriate sport’s clothing for the days that P.E. is scheduled.

  •  School Transport and Dropping off:

Parents will need to drive their children to school in the morning of the first day of school.  If you choose to sign up for transport, please see Mrs. Mamri for payment and Mrs. Latifa for your home address and directions

  •  Canteen/Cafeteria:

If you have selected the canteen option for your child, it will be available starting day 1

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call our school at:

French and Arabic translations

KGS Graduation Ceremony June 30th 2016

Celebrating the 6th and 9th grade End of Cycle Diplomas as well as the 12th grade Baccalaureate and Cambridge A level graduates. 

Middle School : Timing for Ramadan

الآباء الأعزاء

ننهي إلى علمكم أن التوقيت المدرسي سيتغير خلال شهر رمضان الأبرك حسب ما يلي:

الحصة الأولى تبتدأ على الساعة 8:15 والحصة الأخيرة ستنتهي على الساعة 15:35  بعد الزوال

وفيما يخص يوم الأربعاء ستنتهي الدراسة على الساعة 13:40

موعد الغذاء بالنسبة للإعدادي 11:55 إلى 12:30

رمضان مبارك سعيد

Dear Parents,

Starting 1st Ramadan, the KGS timing will be from 8:15 am to 3: 35 pm for all grades.

The end of the school day on Wednesdays will be 1:40 pm.

Lunch time for secondary will be 11:55am to 12:30pm.

Happy Ramadan.

Chers parents,

A compter du 1er jour du Ramadan, les horaires seront comme suit pour tous les élèves du collège:

-Début des cours: 8h15mn.

- Fin des cours: 15h35mn.

-Fin des cours le mercredi: 13h40mn.

-Pause déjeuner:11h55mn à 12h30mn.

Bon Ramadan

Primary : Timing for Ramadan

الآباء الأعزاء

:ننهي إلى علمكم أن التوقيت المدرسي سيتغير خلال شهر رمضان الأبرك حسب ما يلي:

الحصة الأولى تبتدأ على الساعة 8:15 والحصة الأخيرة تنتهي على الساعة 15:00 بالنسبة للسنة الأولى، الثانية والثالثة بعد الزوال.  و15:35 بالنسبة للسنة الرابعة، الخامسة والسادسة

وفيما يخص يوم الأربعاء ستنتهي الدراسة على الساعة 13:40

موعد الغذاء بالنسبة للابتدائي 11:20 إلى 11:55

رمضان مبارك سعيد

Dear Parents,

Starting 1st Ramadan, the KGS timing will be 8:15 am to 3 :00pm for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades; to 3: 35 pm for 4th, 5th and 6th grades.

The end of the school day on Wednesdays will be 1:40 pm.

Lunch time for primary will be 11:20am to 11:55 am

Happy Ramadan.

Chers parents,

A compter du 1er jour du Ramadan les horaires seront comme suit :

Les cours débuteront à 8h15mn

Sortie à 15h pour les 1ère, 2ème et 3ème années

Sortie à 15h35 pour les 4ème, 5ème et 6ème années

Sortie le mercredi à 13h40mn pour tous les niveaux

Le service cantine se déroulera de 11h20 à 11h55 pour le primaire

Bon Ramadan


CLASS PHOTOGRAPH : Wednesday 01 June 2016

صورة تذكارية للقسم: يوم الأربعاء فاتح يونيو 2016


Open house day ! Marrakech

Le Kindergarten

Open House Day !

Le Kindergarten : Summer concert rehearsals have started

For a better organisation, we would like you to confirm that your child will be taking part in this event.

O Yes, my child, ....................................... will take part in the summer concert.

O No, my child won’t take part in the summer concert.

IF you have answered “Yes”, a contribution of 300 Dh is required to cover the costumes’ cost – payable at the office please. (Before 11/05/16)       

Thank you


Summer Camp 2016
Travelling to Nancy

Khalil Gibran School is pleased to announce that our young football stars will be travelling to Nancy, France!  Our football team along with the coaching staff will participate in a training program from April 18th through April 25th 2016.  They will have the opportunity to sharpen their football skills during multiple training sessions, visit the official PRO NANCY training facility, play several friendly matches as well as enjoy some leisure time while visiting the city.  We are proud of our Khalil Gibran football team and are excited to share this wonderful news with you.

Meditate to Regenerate

On April 7th 2016, Khalil Gibran School welcomed the “Meditate to Regenerate” team to our campus!  All of our students as well as teachers had the opportunity to take part in work shops throughout the day, as well as enjoy a concert during their lunch break!

Meditate to Regenerate is a non-profit organization that promotes meditation as a way to further lifelong learning for all. They offer the experience of mental silence meditation coupled with self-development workshops as well as music, dance and artistic performances. They have conducted meditation, music, and dance tours in the USA, Turkey, Mongolia, Russia, Malaysia, Morocco and throughout the UK and the EU.

For more information please visit their website

1st annual sport tournament

إعادة التسجيل  2016-2017

في إطار التهييء للدخول المدرسي 2016-2017 وحتى يتم ذلك في أحسن الظروف، نطلب منكم تسديد مبلغ 4000 درهم كواجب لإعادة التسجيل قبل 31 مارس 2016. وبعد هذا الآجال سترفع واجبات التسجيل الى 8000 درهم ولا يمكن منح أي تسهيل في هذا الباب.

كما نذكركم بأن إعادة التسجيل ليست تلقائية. ولن تصبح فعلية الا بعد أداء الواجب المدرسي الحالي.

باب التسجيل بالنسبة للتلاميذ الجدد مفتوح ابتداء من 11 أبريل 2016. عدد المقاعد محدودة،

الأسبقية ستعطى لإخوة وأقارب التلاميذ الممدرسين بالمؤسسة.


Dear KGS Parents,

Please be advised that the re-registration fees for the 2016-2017 academic year in the amount of 4,000 DHS are due no later than March 31st 2016.  In order for KGS to provide an efficient and well prepared start to the next academic year, we kindly ask that you pay these fees in a timely fashion.  Any registration fees paid after the deadline date stated above will be considered late and must be in the amount of 8,000 DHS, no exceptions shall be granted.

New registrations for the 2016-2017 academic year will begin on April 11th, 2016.  Please note that as a courtesy, priority is given to siblings of current students that plan on attending KGS.

Unfortunately, seats cannot be reserved and/or guaranteed for the next academic year without this formality.  Furthermore, registration will not be accepted until all of the current year’s fees are paid in their entirety.  Thank you kindly for your understanding and cooperation.


Chers parents,

Nous vous informons que les réinscriptions sont ouvertes pour l’année scolaire 2016/2017.

Dans le but d’organiser au mieux la prochaine rentrée, nous vous demandons de bien vouloir procéder au règlement des frais de réinscriptions –s’élevant à 4000 dirhams- avant le 31 mars 2016.

Passé ce délai, les frais de réinscription s’élèveront à 8000 dirhams. Aucune dérogation ne sera autorisée.

Nous vous rappelons que sans cette formalité, la place de votre enfant, pour la prochaine année, n’est pas garantie.

En outre, les réinscriptions ne seront recevables qu’après apurement total des frais de scolarité antérieurs.

Les nouvelles inscriptions seront ouvertes à compter du 11 avril 2016 et dépendront des places disponibles. La priorité est accordée aux parents désireux d’inscrire d’autres enfants de la famille.



الى السادة آباء وأولياء التلاميذ

تفتح أبواب المؤسسة على الساعة 7.30 صباحا، الدراسة تبدأ على الساعة 7و55د.

التلاميذ الذين يصلون بعد هذا التوقيت سيدخلون الى قسم المطالعة ولن يلتحقوا بقسمهم الا في الحصة الموالية.

المرجو اصطحاب أولادكم في الوقت.

شكرا على تفهمكم


We would like to inform you that the school gates will be open at 7:30 a.m. and classes will be starting at 7 :55 a.m.

All students arriving late will be sent to the study room awaiting the second period to join their classes.

Please make sure to bring your children on time to school.

Thank you for your understanding.


Le portail s’ouvre à 7.30h. les cours débuteront à 7h55.

Les retardataires seront envoyés en salle d’étude et ne rejoindront leur classe qu’à la

deuxième période.

Prière de ramener vos enfants à l’heure.

Merci de votre compréhension.

.La Direction

The KGS 2016 agendas

الآباء الأعزاء،

نحيطكم علما أن المذكرات المدرسية لسنة 2016، والمحدد ثمنها في 180 درهما، قد أصبحت الآن متوفرة لدى إدارة المؤسسة.

صممت هذه المذكرات بمساعدة جمعية آباء وأولياء تلاميذ المؤسسة، لتسهيل عملية التواصل بين الآباء والأساتذة وكدا لرسم مجموعة من الخطوات الرئيسية لتنظيم المسار التعليمي للتلاميذ ولهذا فجميع التلاميذ مطالبون بالتوفر على مذكراتهم والاحتفاظ عليها.

شكرا لكم.

Dear parents,

We have the pleasure to inform you that the KGS 2016 agendas are now available at the cost of 180Dhs per unit. These agendas have been specially conceived for KGS students with the help of the parent’s Association in order to facilitate the communication between teachers and parents but, above all, to draw all the necessary clues KGS students would need to get organized. Therefore, KGS students are asked to have their KGS agenda at all times with them.

Best regards.              

Chers parents,

Nous vous informons que les agendas KGS 2016 sont disponibles au prix unitaire de 180dhs. Ces agendas ont été conçus spécifiquement pour KGS et en partenariat avec l’association des parents d’élèves, dans le but de faciliter les communications parents-enseignants, et, plus encore, ils comportent toutes les informations nécessaires et essentielles à l’organisation de la vie scolaire de KGS.

Chaque élève est donc tenu de l’apporter tous les jours et d’en prendre soin.

Merci de votre coopération.


                                                                                  La Direction.

The first semester report cards

الآباء الأعزاء

تنهي إدارة مؤسسة الجناح الابتدائي، الى علمكم، أن بيان نتائج الدورة الأولى للموسم الدراسي 2015-2016 رهن اشارتكم، ويمكنكم تسلمه من الإدارة متى شئتم ابتداء من يوم الاثنين 15 فبراير 2016

ونلفت انتباه بعض السادة الآباء الى تسوية الوضعية المادية والإدارية لتمدرس ابنائكم، حتى لا يكون دلك سببا في إعاقة السير العادي لدراستهم ادا لم يتم دلك في أقرب الآجال.

بالنسبة لمن سبق لهم تسوية وضعيتهم المالية، المرجو عدم أخد هده المراسلة بعين الاعتبار.

نشكركم على تعاونكم وتفهمكم للمسؤولية

Dear parents,

We would like to inform you that the first semester report cards are ready and you can collect them starting from February 15th 2016.

We would like you also to proceed and sort out your financial and administration situation, so as not to interrupt the schooling of your child (ren).

If you have already paid would you, please ignore the second paragraph of this memo.

Chers parents,

La Direction du primaire vous informe que les bulletins du 1er semestre sont disponibles et vous invite à les récupérer à partir du 15 février 2016.

Aussi, nous vous prions de régulariser votre situation financière et administrative afin d’éviter toute interruption de scolarité de votre enfant.

Nous vous prions de ne pas tenir compte du second paragraphe en cas de régularisation de votre situation.

Merci de votre compréhension.


                                                                                            La Direction

Exam Timetable : 1st Semester

6th grade : the English language exam

الآباء الأعزاء

الموضوع: اخبار بالامتحان الموحد الكتابي المحلي على صعيد المؤسسة برسم الموسم الدراسي 2015-2016 .

نظرا لتزامن الامتحان الموحد الكتابي للمستوى السادس ابتدائي "حسب المذكرة الوزارية رقم 0125/06 " ، مع امتحانات اللغة الإنجليزية، ارتأينا تأجيل هذه الأخيرة الى الأسبوع الممتد من يوم الاثنين 25 الى يوم الجمعة 29 يناير 2016

شكرا على تفهمكم

Dear parents,

Due to the synchronization of the Arabic written exam « Mouahad » of six grade (according to a ministerial memorandum) with the English language exam, we decided to postpone the latter to the fourth week of January (from 25th to 29th).

Thank you for your understanding.

Chers parents,

Nous avons jugé utile de reporter les examens d’anglais à la semaine du 25 au 29 janvier 2016, étant donné qu’ils coïncident avec l’examen blanc normalisé de la 6ème année de l’enseignement fondamental.

Merci pour votre compréhension.                                                                           La Direction.


Open house

الموضوع: اخبار بالأبواب المفتوحة

تخبر إدارة المؤسسة السادة آباء وأولياء تلاميذ المستوى الابتدائي، الاعدادي والثانوي أن الأبواب المفتوحة ستنظم يوم

الاثنين 14 دجنبر 2015 من الساعة 7 الى الساعة 9 مساء.

سيرحب السيد مدير المؤسسة فؤاد ليوبي والأطر الإدارية والتربوية لتقديم المؤسسة، برامجها، المناهج المتبعة والخطط المرسومة للتقدم والتميز.

تنبيه: الأبواب المفتوحة ليست لقاء لأولياء الأمور/ والأساتذة. أما بالنسبة للقاءات الفردية، سيتم تحديد موعد في نهاية الدورة الأولى

 بوابة "مدارس"

المسجلون الجدد مرحب بهم لاستلام القن السري الخاص بالتلميذ برصيدهم في "مدارس" وبإمكان أولياء أمورهم الاطلاع على كل ما يخص أبناءهم من معلومات ونتائج في كل وقت.  شكرا على تفهمكم.

“Open House”

We would like to inform parents, that the Open House will be held Monday, December 14th, 2015 from 7p.m to 9 p.m. for the Primary, Middle and high school.

Mr. Lyoubi and his staff welcome you in order to present the school, its programs and its planning curriculum. As you may know It’s not a time to conduct teachers/parents meeting concerning your child’s study habits.

Another meeting will be scheduled at the end of the first semester for that purpose.

As for new students, you shall also receive your child’s password in order to access all information concerning him / her via the school website “Madariss”

« Porte ouverte »

Nous informons les parents qu’une journée porte ouverte sera organisée le lundi 14 déc. 2015 de 19h à 21h  pour les cycles primaire, collège et lycée.

Monsieur LYOUBI et ses collaborateurs vous accueilleront afin de présenter l’école, ses programmes, son curriculum planning et ses avancées.

N.B : Ceci n’est pas une rencontre « Parents-enseignants ». Pour les rencontres individuelles, une autre date est prévue à la fin du 1er semestre.

Accès internet « Madariss » : les nouveaux inscrits sont invités à récupérer le mot de passe du compte « Madariss » de leur (s) enfants (s), afin d’avoir accès en tous temps aux informations les concernant.

Merci de votre compréhension.

Le Kindergarten : Open house

الآباء الأعزاء

دونوا في مذكرتكم تاريخ يوم « الباب المفتوح » لمؤسستنا والذي سيقام يوم السبت 14 نونبر2015 من الساعة 11:00 إلى 14 زوالا

يوم الباب المفتوح فرصة للالتقاء بنا، وتعريف الآباء الجدد بالأنشطة المقدمة في مؤسستنا.

نحن في انتظاركم مع احتراماتنا.

الفريق التربوي

Dear parents,

Mark your calendar for «The Open House Day» at “Le Kindergarten”!

SATURDAY 14th of Novembre 2015 – from 11 am to 2 pm.

This is your chance to discover, for yourself, your child’s learning environment.

We will have the pleasure to meet you and answer all your inquiries.


“Le Kindergarten” Staff

Chers parents

Notez dans vos agendas la date de la journée “Portes Ouvertes” de notre école.

Elle se déroulera le samedi 14 Novembre 2015 de 11H00 à 14H00.

Cette journée nous offre l’occasion de vous présenter la qualité des prestations que propose notre école et sera pour vous l’opportunité de répondre à vos interrogations.

Dans l’attente du plaisir de vous recevoir,

Bien respectueusement

L’ensemble du personnel de la Maternelle « Le Kindergarten »

Primary : Mid-term exam schedule


le kindergarten : Morning school care

الحراسة الصباحية تبتدئ على الساعة 07:45

Morning school care starts at 07:45 AM

La Garde du matin commence à 07:45

Middle school : Mid-term exam schedule

Note to parents

الآباء الأعزاء

تعلن إدارة المؤسسة أنه ابتداء من يوم الاثنين 28 شتنبر 2015 سيكون الدخول المدرسي على س 8.00 صباحا والخروج على س 15و50 د بالنسبة للمستويات الأول، الثاني والثالث ابتدائي 
بالنسبة للمستويات الرابع، الخامس والسادس ابتدائي والاعدادي الخروج على س 16و30د.
لهذا على التلاميذ الحضور الى المؤسسة على س 7و45د
شكرا على تعاونكم

Dear parents, 
We would like to inform you that starting from Monday 28th September 2015, classes will begin at 8 am  and finish  at 4.30 pm  
Concerning  grades 1,2,3 they will finish at 3.50 pm.  
Therefore, all students are required to be at school around 7.45 am.

Chers parents
Nous vous informons qu’à partir du lundi 28 septembre 2015, les cours débuteront à 8h00mn le matin.
La sortie se fera désormais à 15h50mn pour les CE1, CE2, CE3 et à 16h30mn pour les CE4, CE5 ,  CE6 et collège.
Cependant, les élèves doivent se présenter à l’école à 7h45mn.
Merci pour votre collaboration.

                                La Direction

Eid Al Adha

الموضوع: إخبار

ننهي إلى علم كافة أباء و أولياء أمور التلاميذ بأن عطلة عيد الأضحى المبارك تمتد من يوم الاثنين 21 شتنبر2015 إلى غاية الجمعة 25 شتنبر 2015 على أساس أن تستأنف الدراسة يومه الاثنين 28 شتنبر 2015 .

عيد مبارك سعيد

On the occasion of Eid El Adha, there will be no classes from Monday 21st September 2015 to Friday 25th September 2015.

Classes will resume on Monday 28th, 2015.

 Happy Eid.

Avis aux parents,

La Direction informe les parents qu’à l’occasion de “Aid Al Adha ", les cours s’arrêteront du lundi 21 au vendredi 25 septembre 2015.

Les cours reprendront le lundi 28 septembre 2015 à 8h du matin.

Bonne fête. 

La Direction.

PRIMARY : Time table 2015/2016
LE KINDERGARTEN : Time table 2015/2016

Class photographs

Dear parents,

We would like to inform you that class photographs are going to be taken in memory of this school year on Thursday 4th June 2015

We would appreciate if your kid wears the following colours:

- 1st grade        :           White T-shirt

- 2nd grade       :           Yellow T-shirt

- 3rd grade       :           Red T-shirt

- 4th grade       :           Green T-shirt

- 5th grade       :           Light blue T-shirt

- 6th grade       :           Dark blue T-shirt

Collective photography        : 30 dhs

Individual one                       : 40 dhs

Memo to parents

The Administration would like to inform you that starting from 27th  May, 2015 any document about our students will not be issued until the clearance of the total tuition of the current year.

Summer camp 2015
exams schedule : 2nd semester (Middle School )





Memo to parents,

Due to the Cultural fieldtrip organised from 20th to the 24th of April 2015 on the occasion of the Earth

Day, our primary students of year 1 to year 5 would like to invite you to attend their exhibitions under the theme of « Oceanography and the protection of the marine environment » on Wednesday, May 20th, 2015 from 3:15 to 4:30pm.

We count on your presence.


To provide an efficient functioning of the school and a well-organised start of the year, the administration would like to inform you that the registration for the academic year 2015-2016 is now open. We would like you to proceed and pay the registration fee which rises to 6000 dhs from March 31st, 2015.

Without this formality, the seat of your child for the next year will not be guaranteed.

The registration for the next year will not be accepted unless the previous school year fees are fully paid.



A pedagogical project

تحميل  Download  Téléchargement
Arabic English French

Exam calendar : 2nd semester (Primary)


To provide an efficient functioning of the school and a better preparation for the upcoming academic year 2015-2016, we would like you to pay the registration fee of 3000 dirhams, no later than March, 31st 2015. Any registration beyond that date will be billed as a first-time 6000 dirhams enrollment and no exception will be granted.

Registration for the 2015-2016 school year will start from April, 15th 2015 priority is given to any other siblings that will be attending Khalil Gibran.

Please not that seats cannot be reserved or guaranteed for 2015-2016 without this formality and the registration for the next year won’t be accepted unless the previous school year fees are totally paid. 

the first semester reports cards

Dear parents,

Would like to inform you that the first semester reports cards are ready and invites you to collect them.

We would like you also to proceed and sort out your financial and administrative situation before March 4th, 2015 so as not to interrupt the schooling of your child (ren).

If you have already paid would you please ignore the second paragraph of this memo

Donations : humanitarian event

Dear parents,

Khalil Gibran School has the pleasure to announce to its participation in a humanitarian event by building a bridge between the private and public sector where many students are in need of our help to ease their pain and suffering.

In this respect, we shall be profoundly thankful and grateful if you take part in this noble cause to draw a smile on those pupils’ faces.

We kindly ask you to donate: (Clothes. Shoes. Gloves. School supplies)

“Be patient, for indeed, Allah does not allow the reward of those who do good to be lost”

Would you please drop off your donations at Primary School’s Administration .

Thank you for your cooperation.

Aid El Mawlid

Dear Parents,

Khalil Gibran's administration informs you that the courses will resume on Tuesday, January 6th due to Eid Al Mawlid on Sunday 4th and Monday 5th of January 2015.

Exam report

Dear parents,

This is just to inform you that the exams reports including ESL classes are available to download from KGS website.

Thank you for your patience  and understanding.


school calendar 2016/2017



Holidays school calendar Annual planning of exams
Gibran Khalil Gibran

School calendar

Middle & High School : Exam calendar

Primary : Exam calendar


Résultat de vote